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  • The Ski community giving back

    An opportunity for the Verbier Ski Community to support
    those less fortunate

    Please Make a donation and support Huntingtons research

    To help this worth while cause please text or e mail your pledge

    0767 506088 (Swiss) or e mail markcolwill@hotmail.com

    Thanking you in anticipation

    The Charities we are supporting

    The Huntingtons Disease association

    A little about Huntingtons
    Huntington’s has been described as the most disastrous disease known to man because of its peculiarly cruel characteristics. It progressively strips a person of control of his muscles, reason and emotions—though not necessarily in that order. It is caused by a mutation in a single gene, and if you have the mutation, you will develop the disease; the only unknown is when. Typically the first symptoms appear between the ages of 30 and 50, so many people pass the disease on before discovering they have it. The risk of inheriting it from an affected parent is one in two. The unlucky offspring therefore get to watch their sick parent head into a long, slow decline, knowing that the same fate awaits them. And there’s no cure.

    ON THE scale of nasty diseases – conditions you really, really don’t want to get – Huntington’s Disease is off the graph.
    It’s on a chart of its own: indeed, for an illness so traumatising for sufferers and those around them, nasty

    doesn’t really cover it.

    It can be more properly described as evil.

    What is it exactly? It used to be called Huntington’s Chorea. Chorea was once a common medical reference to the shaking, uncontrollable movements of people with various motor neurone disorders (as was the term St Vitus Dance).

    Such symptoms, though, are but a small part of Huntington’s grim progress. It is a genetically inherited, incurable disorder of the brain. Children of carriers have a 50 per cent chance of developing it. It strikes in middle age and once the process has begun it is inexorable.

    The brain shrinks. Sufferers lose motor co-ordination. They lose intellectual capacity. they lose memory and the power of speech.
    Huntingtons is little known in the public domain and as such has less financial support than is obviously required to stand any chance of researching the real prospects of halting the devastating effects of this cruel disease
    The Big Skin is hoping to both raise awareness and raise funds from within the Verbier Ski Community

    An insight into Huntingtons from Charles
    Please view Charles Sabines short video to try and help us all understand how lucky we are to appreciate good health which ultimately enables us all to help those not so lucky


  • To Donate towards Huntingtons research

    To Donate to this extremely worthwhile cause please click on the virgin giving link below

    or you can donate to my paypal account markcolwill@hotmail.com

  • Verbier business community

    I am very pleased to confirm the support of the Verbier Business community and the New La Vache Restaurant where we will be climbing too on New Years Eve and thanks to James Carl and Lawrence not to mention Rob

  • Payments Accepted

    Note: please e mail your pledge and we can call you for card details thank you markcolwill@hotmail.com

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